2024 MakeX Challenge : Upgrade Kit (2022/23 to 2024)


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RM 3,750.00

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Parts Lists:

6 x Slide Beam-0161 x 37mm DC Motor 200RPM2 x D shaft 4*56mm30 x Combination ScrewM4*8
6 x Slide Beam-0321 x 37mm DC Motor 50RPM2 xD shaft 4*160mm30 x Combination ScrewM4*10
4 x Slide Beam-0482 x 37mm Motor Bracket4 x Shaft D8*496mm30 x Combination Screw M4*14
2 x Slide Beam-0801 x 2823-1F rushless Motor2 x Shaft D4*240mm30 x Combination Screw M4*16
4 x Slide Beam-0962 x Brushless Motor Bracket4 x Shaft Claming Hub 8mm30 × CombinationScrew M4*20
4 x Slide Beam-1122 x Brushless Motor ESC2 x Bearing F688ZZ30 x Combination Screw M4*30
4 x Slide Beam-1442 x Servo MS-12A4 x  Flexible Coupling 4*4mm30 x Combination Screw M4*35
2 x Slide Beam-1762 x Mounting Bracket6 x Shaft Collar 4mm30 x Combination Screw M4*40
2 x Slide Beam-1922 x Rudder Bracket6 xShaft Collar 8mm20 x Headless Screw M3*5
2 x Slide Beam-2564 x Virtual Axis10 x Shaft Connector V3.020 x Headless Screw M3*8
4 x Slide Beam-3201 x LI-PO Battery 3S10 x Shaft Connector20 x Cross Recess Screw M3*8-Countersunk Head
4 x Slide Beam-4962 xDual RGB Color Sensor2 x Gear 16T20 x Hex Lock Nut M3
4 x Square beam 2424-0721 xLow Voltage Buzzer Alarm4 x Gear 48T20 x Hex Nut M3
2 x Square beam 2424-1844 x Extend2 x Gear 80T20 x Hex Nut M4
2 x Square beam 2424-2484 xmBuild Cable(200mm)2 x Linear Motion Slide Unit 8mm20 x Hex Lock Nut M4
4 x Square beam 2424-5043 x mBuild Cable(600mm)4 x Sliding Block A116 x Roller
8 x Bracket P350 x Track2 x 180 Smart Encoder Motor6 xThreaded Shaft 4*39mm
10 x Stiffener 1616-008-M450 x Track Axle 30mm2 x Open-end Timing Belt (5m)16 xTiming pulley slice
2 x Belt Connector4 x Plastic Timing Pulley 1816 x Aluminum Sleeve 4*6*4mm8 x Aluminum Sleeve 4*6*6mm
4 x Double Gear Rack2 xPlastic Timing Pulley 62