MakeX Challenge Educational Competition Kit

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RM 6,675.00

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MakeX 2023

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The MakeX Challenge Educational Competition Kit provides: 

  • abundant electronic and structural parts, allowing you to build robots in more forms and ways.
  • Mecanum wheels, promising agile motion of robot cars and thus facilitating the accomplishment of tasks.
  • high-performance motors and servos, meeting the needs of large robots in power.
  • professional courses for robotics competitions.

Parts List

4 x Slide Beam-0164 x Slide Beam-0328 x Slide Beam-0484 x Slide Beam-080
4 x Slide Beam-0964 x Slide Beam-1124 x Slide Beam-1442 x Slide Beam-176
2 x Slide Beam-1922 x Slide Beam-2564 x Slide Beam-3204 x Slide Beam-496
4 x Slide Beam 2424-0722 x Slide Beam 2424-1842 x Slide Beam 2424-2482 x Beam-076
2 x Beam-0922 x Beam 1242 x Beam-1562 x Beam-188-L2-R1
2 x Beam-2042 x Beam-2202 x Beam-2364 x Square Beam-056
4 x Square Beam-0724 x Square Beam-0884 x Square Beam-1042 x Square Beam-184
2 x Beam 0808-1842 x Beam 0808-3124 x Plate 3*66 x Plate 7*9-B
4 x Plate 45°4 x Plate 3*5*120°4 x Plate-0564 x Plate-072
4 x Plate-1848 x Bracket 3*34 x Bracket 3*64 x Bracket 3*3*120°
2 x U Bracket B10 x Cuttable Linkage4 x Double Gear Rack4 x Plastic Gear 8T
6 x Plastic Gear 56T10 x Plastic Gear 72T4 x Gear 48T4 x Gear 80T
4 x Gear 16T2 x Linear Motion Slide Unit 8mm4 x Sliding Block A18 x Belt Connector
4 x 180 Smart Encoder Motor3 x 37mm DC Motor 200RPM3 x 37mm DC Motor 50RPM6 x 37mm Motor Bracket
1 x 2823-1F Brushless Motor1 x 2823-1Z Brushless Motor2 x Brushless Motor Bracket2 x Brushless Motor ESC
2 x Friction Wheel D45*19.52 x Friction Wheel Ring D28*78 x PH2.0 Motor Cable3 x Ranging Sensor
1 x Servo MS-12A1 x Mounting Bracket1 x Rudder Bracket1 x Virtual Axis
1 x LI-PO Battery 3S1 x One with Three Power Cords1 x B6AC Balance Charger1 x Bluetooth Controller
2 x Bluetooth Module1 x Bluetooth Dongle1 x Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm1 x Mainboard Bracket
1 x NovaPi Case1 x Mainboard NovaPi1 x Power Expansion Board1 x Power Management Module
1 x Power Management Module Antenna4 x Wafer Cable(200mm)8 x Wafer Cable(600mm)4 x mBuild Cable(200mm)
6 x mBuild Cable(600mm)1 x USB Cable100 x Track100 x Track Axle 30mm
1 x Screwdriver 2mm4 x Plastic Timing Pulley 18T6 x Plastic Timing Pulley 62T6 x Plastic Timing Pulley 90T
4 x Plastic Timing Pulley 62T for Motor4 x Plastic Timing Pulley 90T for Motor1 x Tyre 68.5*22mm2 x Open-end Timing Belt (5m)
16 x Aluminum Sleeve 4*6*4mm8 x Aluminum Sleeve 4*6*6mm16 x Roller8 x Nylon Pulley
4 x Threaded Shaft 4*39mm6 x D shaft 4*56mm2 x D shaft 4*160mm2 x D shaft 4*200mm
2 x D shaft 4*240mm2 x D shaft 4*320mm6 x Shaft D4*88mm2 x Shaft D8*96mm
2 x Shaft D8*128mm2 x Shaft D4*240mm2 x Shaft Claming Hub 8mm4 x Bearing 8*16*5mm
30 x Flange Bearing 4*8*3mm4 x Bearing F688ZZ5 x Flexible Coupling 4*4mm2 x Universal Joint 4-4mm
30 x Shaft Collar 4mm8 x Shaft Collar 8mm10 x Shaft Connector V3.010 x Shaft Connector
2 x Mecanum Wheel 80mm-L2 x Mecanum Wheel 80mm-R4 x Mecanum Wheel Coupling 80mm4 x Cross Recess Screw PM2.5*30
4 x Mecanum Wheel Hub 80mm50 x Combination Screw M4*850 x Combination Screw M4*10100 x Combination Screw M4*14
100 x Combination Screw M4*16100 x Combination Screw M4*2050 x Combination Screw M4*3050 x Combination Screw M4*35
50 x Combination Screw M4*4020 x Headless Screw M3*530 x Headless Screw M3*830 x Cross Recess Screw M3*8-Countersunk Head
40 x Hex Lock Nut M320 x Hex Nut M3200 x Hex Nut M4100 x Hex Lock Nut M4
100 x Plastic Rivet-R4060100 x Plastic Rivet-R4100100 x Plastic Rivet-R412050 x Ring 4*7*2
30 x Ring 4*7*320 x Ring 4*7*101 x Screwdriver 1.5mm1 x Screwdriver 3mm
1 x Wrench 5&71 x Scredriver Cross&2.5mm1 x Small Four-way Socket Wrench2 x Allen Wrench 2.5mm
2 x Allen Wrench 1.5mm1 x Support for Power Management Module1 x Smart Camera4 x Cross Recess Screw M2.5*12