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With a PBL-based design, mBot2 blends metal parts, powerful hardware, block-based coding and Python coding into one single robot. It features a brand new AI-powered programmable control board, high-precision encoder motors and a newly-designed sensor system. Students learn more about computer & sicence, IoT, AI, block-based coding and Python as they are designing and assembling their robots. The mBot2 kit is designed for teachers and students of upper elementary grades and high schools to teach and learn coding, science & tech and robotics.

Parts List:

1× CyberPi1× mBot2 Shield1× USB Cable (type-C)1× Ultrasonic Sensor2
1× Chassis1× Quad RGB Sensor2× Encoder motor 2× Motor cable
2× Wheel hub4× M2.5*12mm Screw2× Slick tyre1× Mini Wheel
1× Screwdriver1× Line-following track map2× mBuild cable (10cm) 1× mBuild cable (20cm) 
6× M4*25mm Screw 6× M4*14mm Screw 6× M4*8mm Screw